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Over the past few quarters, a lot of customers have asked us whether Peakflo could help streamline not just receivables but also their payables. Naturally, our team took that feedback and got to work. After months of building ⚙️, we rolled out our payables module with a handful of beta customers. We listened carefully, incorporated their feedback and have rolled it out officially to all users! 😎

Peakflo is now an end-to-end productivity solution for finance teams that allows them to put their most repetitive and mundane accounts receivable and payable process on auto-pilot (while having that data be fully synced with their accounting software). This allows finance teams to focus on higher-value add tasks and be significantly more productive!

We always strive to give you a better experience. Have a product feature you'd like to see or feedback you'd like to leave? Let us know.

Here's a high-level overview of some of the new functionality:

September 2022 Releases

Accounts Payable

  • The CFO and finance team can drive better decisions with a real-time, in-depth overview of the accounts payable dashboard.

  • The finance team can save time by quickly previewing the types of bills or purchase quotes under custom fields. 

    WHAT-SEPT_custom-fields_BRAND (1)
  • The finance team can get more visibility on deposit and spend history and optimize cash flows through the ledger.

  • The finance team can easily send a customized email right from Peakflo to vendors, request changes to the bills, and track these changes in a centralized audit trail. This also provides all internal stakeholders full visibility.

  • To save time, the finance team can mark all bills as paid in one go.  

  • The finance team can create up to 10-step approval workflows to streamline even the most complex approval processes.

  • As an admin, you can set the types of approval emails your users will receive.
  • Now the finance or treasury team can easily find the account name to facilitate wallet top-ups.

  • For easier reconciliation, the finance team can track wallet top-up history. 

  • Now users in the Philippines can top up their wallets through Xendit via any local bank.

  • The finance team can stay on top of pending payments with the aging payable report.

    Accounts Receivable
  • AR managers can quickly send manual WhatsApp and SMS messages as well as emails to customers to improve ad-hoc communications.

  • The finance team can customize invoice names and numbers without any hassle.

  • AR managers can add withholding taxes in payments to make outstanding invoice amount zero.

  • The finance team can ensure all customers are assigned to certain workflows at a larger scale.

  • AR managers can now export details on customer ID and which workflow the customer belongs to from the customer status tracking report to immediately take the right actions.


September 2022 Releases

Accounts Payable


August 2022 Releases



Accounts Payable New Releases

  • The finance team can prevent over-spending as they no longer have to track budget spending manually, plus budget owners can have full visibility  with the real-time budget reports.

    Receive immediate notification of the utilization of budgets as soon as purchase quotes or vendor invoices are assigned, even before payment. Track the remaining budget instantly in a spreadsheet instead of doing so manually.


  • Finance, business, and procurement teams can design custom approval workflows based on their current business needs.

    Default, editable workflow is available from the get-go to make sure no customers are left unassigned. 
  • Any employee or business stakeholder can log in and easily submit a purchase request (purchase quote) easily in Peakflo. 

    Generate purchase quotes for multiple use cases, from procurements to freelance payments. Fill in all the necessary details, add the items you purchase, and apply taxes accordingly.
  • Procurement team doesn’t have to send purchase order manually any longer to vendor.

    Tick the box for “Automatically send to vendor after full approval” when creating a purchase quote and let the software do the rest of the work for you. 

  • The finance team can swiftly match the purchase order with the vendor bill and track open or closed purchase order balance for more accurate reporting.

    The system will also flag an error if the bill amount does not match the PO balance. 
  • The finance team does not need to worry about making duplicate payments anymore! Peakflo will inform you of any duplicate bills.

    If your vendor sends multiple bills or to multiple departments, Peakflo will notify you whether the bill is duplicated or not. 

Accounts Receivable New Features

  • The finance team can eliminate repetitive tasks and automatically send monthly statements of accounts to all your customers with an outstanding balance. 

    You can issue reminders and trigger actions based on specific dates every month using the AR workflow.

June 2022 Releases



[NEW] Leave customized notes in the invoices you generate

The notes section will now be exported in the invoice PDF so your customers can now see all the necessary payment details in one document.

[NEW] More export options are available for the customer invoice payments 

Now you’ll have more options to export customer invoice payments report based on payout and templates according to Xero or QBO accounting software.

[NEW] Now your customers in the Philippines can pay you easily via Peakflo

You can now enjoy the seamless integration to process your transactions. In case you need a specific payment gateway integration, please contact Peakflo support to enable it.

[NEW] Now you can put in your customer’s address details in Peakflo

For a better-looking invoice, you can now fill in the street 1 and street 2 fields within 70 character limits in the customer’s tab under contact details.

[NEW] Ensure all your customers are assigned to a workflow by default

Default workflow will be automatically set for any customers, old or new, that haven’t been assigned to a workflow yet. To change the default workflow, submit a ticket or schedule a call with your customer success manager.

[NEW] Contact details now feature more job titles to establish escalation matrix using personalized messaging with the stakeholders

We’ve added more positions (job titles) to assign to your customers’ contact information to streamline external collaboration. Here’s a list of positions that you can add to your contacts:

      • Unknown
      • Sales
      • Accounting
      • Manager
      • Promoter
      • CEO
      • CFO
      • Purchase Head
      • Business Head
      • Finance Head


      [NEW] Control which of your customers are allowed to make partial payments and withholding tax deductions
    • You can now easily enable and disable WHT and partial payments in the edit workflow settings. Once activated, the customers assigned to the workflow can see their withholding tax and make partial payments from their portal.

    • WHATS-NEW_JUNE_Enable-and-Disable-Withholding-Taxes-(WHT)-and-Partial-Payments (1)

[NEW] Now the payables page is easier to use with a more interactive user’s interface

If you’re not able to make edits to bills and payments, don’t worry – you’ll be informed of the reason. 

[NEW] Bill export in the Jurnal.id format is now available

With the click of a button, you’re now able to export bills from the bills & payments tab according to the Jurnal.id template.

WHATS-NEW_JUNE_Bill-export-in-the-CSV-format-is-now-available (1) (1)

May 2022 Releases


[NEW] All stakeholders can receive customer payment proof easily

No need to ask your customers to share payment proof manually!

Include email addresses of all the stakeholders in the company settings so that your customer payment proof would be sent to them without any extra work!

MAY-NEW_Include-email-addresses-of-all (2)

[NEW] New email for capturing communications via email reminders
The payment reminder email address for capturing communications is now changed to collections@app.peakflo.co
MAY-1NEW_new-email-address-and-customized-name (1)

[NEW] Additional fields have been added to invoices

Your customers will also receive a much more comprehensive invoice pdf with many improvements. The newly added fields to the invoice include:

      • Invoice issuer address

      • Payer name and address

      • Note


[NEW] Access customer ref ID using "Customer Status Tracking Report"

Easily access customer ref ID in the “customer status tracking report” or by exporting the same report.


[NEW] Mass uploading bills and invoices using field matching

While mass uploading all your bills or invoices data using CSV or XLS, you can match all fields before confirmation to make sure the data is imported correctly.

MAY-NEW_mass-upload-invoice (2)

MAY-NEW_mass-upload-XLS (1)-1

[NEW] New fields and updates on Bills & Payments page
With the new look and new fields of the bills and payments page, get better visibility over all your payments!

Previous Bills & Payments page

WHTa (1)

Latest Bills & Payments page

new look and new fields of the bills and payments page (1)

[NEW] Flat Taxes and Tax Categories
Flat taxes and tax categories such as stamp duty have also been added to the bill edit form to make bill capture smoother.

GOF tax (1)

[NEW] Roles and Permissions

Get an overview of all the permissions each user will have based on their roles.

role & permission (1)

       April 2022 Releases



Read all about April 2022 releases here:

[NEW] Upload notes via CSV
You can easily upload notes for each vendor bill in CSV format, and access and approve each bill from the bills & payments tab.

[NEW] Bill data will be prefilled in the bill edit form
No need to type in all the bill details from now on. During bill creation, more values are prefilled by default.

[NEW] Conduct mass actions on multiple bills
You can now conduct mass actions such as ”Send to Approval”, “Pay Now” or “Change Payment Date”  for multiple bills in one go.

[NEW] Add comments on bill detail timeline
Leave comments on the bill detail timeline and communicate easily with all the internal stakeholders. In this way, you can keep a record of all the communications in one place.


[NEW] Upload Payment Proof & Tax Proof on the portal

In the customer portal, your customers/clients will be able to directly upload their payment proof and tax proof. You will also receive a notification when the payment proof or tax proof has been submitted.



[NEW] Beneficiary name is on top-up page along with bank name and bank account number
When the customers in Singapore wish to top up their wallets, the beneficiary name will be visible on their wallet top-up page along with the bank name and account number.


[NEW] Get notified if your wallet needs to get topped up
No need to check your wallet to make sure it’s topped up. We’ll notify you whenever you have scheduled payments and your wallet is low on funds. 


[NEW] Keep up to date with customer ledger and streamline payment reconciliation

Easily track all payments made by your customers with their unique virtual bank account numbers. In this way, you’ll get full visibility over all paid and unpaid invoices.


[NEW]  Save more time by adding vendor details right within the bill edit form itself


[NEW] Send automated payment reminders using LINE Messenger App
In the accounts receivable workflow you can add LINE messenger reminder action.

Your customers can authorize receiving LINE messenger reminders from the LINE messenger icon on the portal.


You can now view and edit all customers’ contacts in the customer's tab and also the customer status tracking report. Feel free to add even more information such as "Mobile phone" or "Alternative phone" for all your customers.

Multi-selection option for account manager filter in customer table, action table and all reports has been added in case the customer has more than one account manager.

March 2022 Releases



Read all about March 2022 releases here:

[NEW] Enter the Withholding tax amount

You can now add withholding tax against each line item in the bill or add the total withholding tax amount manually.


[NEW] Download payment receipts

You can view auto-generated payment receipts and download them in PDF format. The payment receipts contain the payment details transferred to your vendors.


[NEW] QRIS payments supported in Indonesia

We now support QRIS (Quick Response Indonesian Standard) payment option so that you can accept payments easier, faster, and safer in Indonesia.


[NEW] Add custom line items to the bills

You can now create custom fields to help classify or tag vendor invoice payments.


February 2022 Releases

[NEW] AP: Capture vendor invoice details effortlessly

Forward your vendor invoices by email. Our OCR system magically captures the details. All the bills and payments created are automatically created as draft which can be edited and sent for approvals as needed. You can also manually bulk import all your vendor invoices or allow multiple users in your team to make payment requests easily.

Take a look:


[NEW] AP: Edit draft vendor invoices instantly

Once a vendor invoice has been created automatically, its really easy to edit. Inside every bill created, edit the vendor information, choose between making a full payment or adding withholding tax or VAT adjustments, select currency, wallet, and even leave notes. You can also attach working files in addition to the vendor invoice pdf to have the necessary documentation backing each payment.

Take a look:

Bill Payment Process Redefined

[NEW] AP: Streamline the payment approval process

Don't you hate manually requesting invoice payment approvals over slack or emails? We do too. This is why you can setup multiple approval policies for processing bill payments and assign them to vendors. You can even set auto-approval of bills below a particular value (e.g., $100 - $500) and bring in the correct stakeholders to approve the bills that are above the specific bill value(e.g.,≥$500). This makes the approval process flexible and hassle-free.

Take a look:


[NEW] AP: Payments are made directly from a digital wallet

Pay off local and international bills securely using a digital wallet (that can be topped up in your local currency). Also, get instant access to all payments made to vendors in a single click. These transactions can also be imported into your accounting software effortlessly.

Take a look:

Get full visibility of payment  transactions

[NEW] AP: Stay updated on the approval/payment status of all bills

Find it tricky to track which approver is yet to approve? Or whether the payment has been processed? Now you can easily keep track of each bill's status on the “Bills and Payments” tab.

Take a look:

WHTa (1) (1)

[NEW] AR: Export invoice collection cohort

With this much-requested feature, you can now export the invoice collection cohort and better track your collection efficiency!

Take a look:

Invoice-collection-cohorts-has export button-now

January 2022 Releases

[NEW] Your dashboard got a new makeover

The dashboard has a new look and an enhanced design update. Scroll over the bar graphs to see the monthly stats of your DSO, doubtful debts and, aging balance to stay updated on all monthly numbers.

Take a look:


[NEW] Access to download statement of accounts from the payer portal

 To elevate your customer’s payment experience, they can now start downloading the statement of accounts from their payer portal. In addition, customers can choose between the type of SoA (Statement of Accounts) to download from the desired period.

Take a look:


[NEW] Provide flexibility to customers with partial payments

Upgrade your customer’s payment experience by offering partial payments on their payer portal. This feature comes in handy when dealing with large transactions that your customers can pay in parts.

Take a look:


[NEW] Raise a dispute within the customer portal 

For raising a dispute, you can open the customer portal link, click on the conversation icon located on the far right of the invoice detail, and choose "Raise a dispute".

From the drop-down button, you can choose the dispute reason, add descriptions regarding the dispute and upload files. The invoice issuer will receive a notification regarding the dispute.

Take a look:


[NEW]Get notified when payment proofs are uploaded

Stay updated whenever customers upload payment proofs against their invoices by simply setting up an email to receive notifications.

Take a look:


[NEW]Xero tracking categories are now available on your dashboard

Your custom Xero tracking categories are now added as tags on the 'customers' sections to optimise your customer payment tracking process.

Take a look:


[NEW]Access our support

Stuck somewhere and need help? No worries, we’ve got you covered. You can click the help dropdown button in the dashboard and access our wide range of support functionalities.

Take a look:


December 2021 Releases

[NEW] Offer multiple payment options to your customers.Automatic treatment for withholding tax

Make it easier for your customers to clear the outstanding invoices as soon as they click on their reminders. They can pay by bank transfer (daily settlement), QR code (eg: PayNow/QRIS/UPI etc.) or even credit cards.

Now you can even configure withholding tax adjusted payment options so that your customers just have to select the relevant WHT and pay the auto-calculated remainder amount.

Take a look:

Offer flexible payment options to your customers

[NEW] Track payment proof from customers.Reminders get auto-paused

Your customers can now attach payment proof against outstanding invoices in their payer portal. This makes it easier to map invoices against their payment details and this auto-pauses reminders for the relevant invoices.

Take a look:

Gather payment proof from customers under a single tab & pause reminders-1

[NEW] Add easy to grasp tabulated invoice summary in all reminders

Are you tired of having your customers ask you for a table or summary of all outstanding invoices?

Now by simply copy-pasting variables such as {{table_outstanding_invoices}} and {{table_overdue_invoices}} in your workflows, a tabulated summary of the invoices will automatically show up in all reminder emails sent to your customers!

Take a look:

Add easy to grasp tabulated invoice summary in all reminders

[NEW] Explore multiple ways to create tasks

Apart from creating tasks for your teammates from the customer page, you or your team can now create tasks on the fly right from the actions page. This new feature comes in handy when collection officers or account managers are making calls and want to save a promise-to-pay from your customer.

Take a look:

Explore multiple ways to create tasks

[NEW] Secure access with Google and magic link sign-ins

Information security is a priority at Peakflo. Now you can authenticate the sign-in process of your team via Google or magic links that will be sent to their email when logging in. This update ensures a secure roles-based access for each Peakflo user.

Take a look:

Secure customer data with Google and magic link sign-ins

[NEW] Chase effectively by attaching invoices to reminder emails

Incase your customers do not want to click on a link to view their invoice and would like to see the attachment in the email itself, fret not! Just click on the checkbox ‘Include invoice as attachment’ in your workflow to include the relevant invoice inside the automatic reminder emails. This makes it much easier for your customer to identify which invoice you’re following up on.   

Take a look:

Chase effectively by attaching invoices to reminder emails

[NEW] Reset your password with ease

Now users in your organization do not have to request their admins to reset password incase they forget. A simple self-serve button will send a secure reset password link straight to the user email. 

Take a look:

Reset your password with ease

[NEW] Step-by-Step video and written instructions for uploading customer data

Incase you have not integrated peakflo with your accounting software, watch this detailed onboarding video here to learn how to upload your customer data manually.

Take a look:

Step-by-Step instructions to upload customer data without any hassle

[NEW] Upload customer contact details with either email or phone number

To speed up your onboarding process, you can upload either a customer’s email address or phone number in the mass upload customer contact spreadsheet. It isn’t mandatory to capture both the details anymore.

Take a look:

Upload customer contact details with either email or phone number

[NEW] Manually uploading customer data just became easier

All data upload spreadsheet templates use the same ‘customerId’ to streamline your customer upload process. You can also capture the date you received the invoice payment in the 'paidonDate' field (in the Invoices Data Upload file).

Take a look:

Manually uploading customer data just became quick and easy

[NEW] Admins can enable professional branding on all your invoices and customer facing portals

All admins have access to the company settings where they can add their company logo and brand colours. This will automatically reflect in all invoices and the payer portals viewed by your customers.

Admins can also opt-in to allow their internal organization users to receive weekly accounts receivable reports straight to their email.

Take a look:

Access company settings for customization and weekly reports

[NEW] Send professional-looking email reminders by embedding company logo

Make your email reminders look more professional by adding your company logo using the attribute {{logo}} in the workflow editor.

Take a look:

Send professional-looking email reminders by embedding company logo

[NEW] Brand the  payer portal and all invoices

Align the customer payer portal and invoices to your brand guidelines by adding your company logo and primary brand colour. This makes your customer communications consistent with your branding.

Take a look:

Customize payer portal and invoices according to your brand

[NEW] Get revamped weekly accounts receivable report to your email

Stay up to date on cashflow health metrics such as total outstanding amount, overdue invoice value, doubtful debt and average DSO (time to get paid) with the weekly accounts receivable report. It can also be customized by adding your company logo.

Take a look:

Get revamped weekly accounts receivable report to your mail

[NEW] Better predict cash inflows by exporting your invoice status predictions offline

You can now carry your invoice status predictions offline by exporting the invoice status tracking report in XLSX or CSV format to your email. 

Take a look:

Export your invoice status predictions offline

[NEW] Create repeating workflow actions

Instead of creating multiple actions in a workflow, you can simply choose to repeat a particular action after the desired time interval. This way, you can reuse actions and set new relevant actions in place. 

Take a look:

Limit workflow actions by repeating them after a time interval

[NEW] A more organized actions page

With new UI/UX fixes, you can now see all the future and pending actions. You can also apply a filter on the essential action items to get an in-depth overview.

Take a look:

A more organized actions page

[NEW] Shoot ad hoc SMS to your customers directly from Peakflo

Outside the workflow action items, you can send ad hoc SMS to your customers with your custom message whenever required from the invoices section in your Peakflo account.

Take a look:

Shoot ad hoc SMS to your customers directly from Peakflo

[NEW] Track delivery status of SMS sent to your customers

Check the delivery, open date and bounce reason of SMS sent to your customers in the delivery status tracking report.

Take a look:

Track delivery status of SMS sent to your customers

[NEW] UX fix on action editors to avoid confusion

We have removed the recipient field to add customers when creating automatic scheduled reminders as it’s an internal team action.

Take a look:

UX fix on action editors to avoid confusion

November 2021 Releases

[NEW] Get predictions on future collections through Cashflow Analytics

In your cashflow analytics report, you can see the predicted collection for the coming months for all outstanding invoices.

Why you'll love it:
Get a predicted cash inflow for all your outstanding invoices to better manage expenses and critical outlays.

Take a look:

Cashflow Prediction

[NEW] Monitor deliverability with 'Reminder Delivery Tracking Report'

You can now keep track of all the reminders triggered to your customers in a centralized report.  

Why you'll love it:

You get to check the deliverability of all the reminders under a single tab, including essential details like the last opened date of the reminder by your customer, and the reason for reminder bouncing.

Take a look:

Reminder Delivery Tracking Report

[NEW] Get started quickly with easy onboarding

Easy to follow onboarding steps on the dashboard ensure you can get started quickly.

Why you'll love it:

1. Onboarding steps are embedded with videos to provide better guidance in each step.

2. Gain a company-wide overview of your collection efficiency.

Take a look:

Onboarding gif

[NEW] No more back and forth to select the action type on the Actions page

The 'All action types' dropdown list doesn't reset automatically whenever you execute an action like 'log call' or 'manual - email' on the actions page.

Why you'll love it:

A simple design fix eliminated the constant hassle of re-selecting an action type after each execution.

Take a look:

Manual Email Action

[NEW] Localized content update in 3 different languages

We have updated the content in Malay, Tagalog, and Bahasa Indonesia.

Why you'll love it:

Fresh localized content makes it easy to understand and use Peakflo for Non-English speakers.

Take a look:

Translation Update gif

[NEW] Get real-time updates in Aging Balance Report

Aging Balance Report now displays real-time data for every customer's outstanding balance across various time intervals.

Why you'll love it:

With real-time updates, you no longer have to wait for a day to get the latest Aging Balance Report.

Take a look:

aging balance real time gif

[NEW] Monitor changes in your customers’ payment behaviour with Peakflo weekly emails

Control credit effectively by getting weekly updates on customers that have changed their payment behaviour from making timely payments to late payments.

Why you'll love it:

Peakflo’s AI monitors the payment behaviour of each of your customers and lets you take decisions to best manage the credit you extend to them.

Take a look:

Weekly emails

[NEW] Enable your customers to clear payments on the move

Customers can access their payer portal through mobile to clear unpaid invoices.

Why you'll love it:

Shorten payment time by making it easier for customers to pay through mobile.

Take a look:

Mobile payments

[NEW] Get a summary of all unpaid invoices under a single tab

You can now view all the outstanding invoices under the 'Balance' tab of a customer's payer portal instead of the 'Invoices to pay' tab (now deleted).

Why you'll love it:

We removed the clutter! Instead of two tabs ('Invoices to pay' & 'Balance'), you can view all your unpaid invoices under a single tab ('Balance').

Take a look:

Payer Portal Balance Tab

October 2021 Releases

[NEW] Analyze invoice collections with Sales Collection Cohort

Your finance team can view month-on-month cohorts on sales collections based on different time intervals and account managers.

Why you'll love it:
1. Get a clear picture of how effectively your account managers or collection officers are collecting on outstanding invoices.

2. Gain a company-wide overview of your collection efficiency.

Take a look:

Sales Collection Cohort_1

[NEW] Stay updated on any changes made to workflows or account managers

Any change made to the account manager or workflow will be reflected in the customer timeline along with the timestamp.

Why you'll love it:
In a single click, you can view the latest modifications in the customer's timeline.

Take a look:

Timeline Update_1

[NEW] Easily upload customer files in bulk

Companies without accounting software can upload their customer files with the help of a spreadsheet template on the page.

Why you'll love it:
1. Upload all your customer files with just a click.
2. Helpful for companies without accounting software or companies that want to get started with Peakflo without an integration.

Take a look:

Upload customer files GIF

[NEW] Save time by updating customer attributes in bulk

You can now pause/resume reminders, change workflows and account managers for multiple customers at the same time.

Why you'll love it:
This is the easiest way to edit multiple customer attributes in a single click.

Take a look:

Mass Customer Action_GIF

[NEW] Collaborate effectively by creating Tasks inside the customer tracking report
Apart from analyzing the report data, you can also create and assign tasks to account managers within the customer status tracking report.

Why you'll love it:
1. Task creation can be an exercise that will save time and drive accountability on the next steps.
2. Improve collaboration with the team and decide on relevant next steps while analyzing the full customer data inside the report.

Take a look:


September 2021 Releases

[NEW] Identify which invoices will be likely paid late

How it works:
Peakflo's AI analytics engine and machine learning model predict whether your customers will pay the invoice by the due date based on their past payment behavior.

Why you'll love it:
1. Your Finance team can predict the cash inflow for the upcoming month and manage business expenses smarter.
2. Your account managers can identify customers with a poor payment track record and proactively follow up.

Take a look:

REV_Invoice-Status-Tracking-Report+Prediction (1)

[NEW] Gain insights with the new cashflow analytics report

How it works:
Your finance team can get a visual representation of how much they have billed and collected for each month.

Why you'll love it:
Easily measure your cash collection effectiveness by analyzing the data and drive smart decisions to get paid faster.

Take a look:


[NEW] Seamlessly schedule custom internal reminders to your team

How it works:
Admins can schedule a time-based reminder in their workflows to notify team members (account managers or collection agents) to take custom actions.

Why you'll love it:
You can optimize your account receivable process and collaborate efficiently by scheduling internal reminders with time-based triggers.

Take a look:


[NEW] Map and track your payments easily inside Xero

How it works:
Now admins can map which accounts in Xero should be debited/credited when they receive invoice payments via Peakflo

Why you'll love it:
1. Now you can ensure correct categorization for each transaction from Peakflo by mapping it to the correct account in Xero.
2. Easily track all payments collected and processing fees inside Xero.

Take a look:

[NEW] Fresh design for the 1-click integrations tab

How it works:
With the new user interface, admins can click the integrations page inside the settings section to manage all your integrations easily with a single click.

Why you'll love it:
Easy to understand user interface and a visual treat for our users.

Take a look:


[NEW] Stay updated with Xero Sync Status

How it works:
Admins can view their Xero connection status and timeline of various synchronizations.

Why you'll love it:
1. Admins can stay up-to-date with Xero sync status.
2. Receive quicker support from the Peakflo team whenever the sync is interrupted.

Take a look:

[NEW] Pause unnecessary reminders to customers that intend to pay

How it works:
Reminders will be paused till the date mentioned in the 'Invoice promise to pay date' section.

Why you'll love it:
Improve your customer relationships by keeping reminders minimal yet effective.

Take a look:


August 2021 Releases

[NEW] Tags for List of Overdue Invoices and Longest Days Overdue

How it works:

Now admins can use new tags in their workflow templates which indicate a list of overdue invoices and the number of days overdue for the longest overdue invoice

Why you'll love it:

You can easily indicate to your clients which invoices are overdue and how long is the oldest overdue invoice.

         Take a look:


[NEW] Reset password functional

How it works:

Now admins can reset passwords for any user in their organization directly from the User Management section.


Why you'll love it:

  1.  Save yourself and your users time by sending immediate password reset emails.


Take a look: 

Untitled (1)-3
[NEW] Set credit limits on a customer level
How it works:
Previously credit limits were only set on a workflow level, but now you can set credit limits for each customer separately
Why you'll love it:
  1. This feature provides granular control over credit limits, where you can specify any
  2. Get more accurate reports
  3. Get better transparency of your customer status
Take a look:
Untitled (2)-3

July 2021 Releases

[NEW] Major Bounce Email Notifications

How it works:

Get notified instantly when your reminder emails don't get delivered.


Why you'll love it:

  1. Purge broken email addresses

  2. Find the right active stakeholder

  3. Get paid


Take a look:



[NEW]  Major Adhoc Messages

How it works:

Now you can send an email directly from the invoice in question


Why you'll love it:

  1. Send emails when you need to without leaving the platform

  2. Get messages out quickly


Take a look:


[NEW] Tag Updates

How it works:

Customize your communications even more:

  1. Add Account Manager Phone Number with

  2. Add Account Manager Name with

  3. Add Invoice Note with

  4. Add recipient's first name with


Why you'll love it:

You already love it! Here's the full list:

✏️ How can I customize my workflow action template? 


[Beta] Aging Balance Report

How it works:

In the "Reports" tab, you will find at the bottom called Aging Balance Report. When you click on it, you will be directed to the report (as shown in the screenshot below)


Currently, this report is in Beta, please contact us to enable it.


Why you'll love it:

Aging Balance Report breaks down the amounts overdue from each customer in time brackets of 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and more than 18 months overdue. This can help you track who are your biggest defaulters and how long they have defaulted for, in turn helping you focus on recovery from bigger clients. You can also export the report into Excel or CSV on an email address of your choice.

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Customer Tab Filtering

How it works:

Now you can filter the Customer Tab by invoice or account manager

Why you'll love it:

  1. Find what you're looking for faster

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Invoice Tab Filtering

How it works:

Now you can filter the Invoice Tab by status

Why you'll love it:

  1. Find what you're looking for faster


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Search By External Ref. ID
How it works:
Now you can search for your customers in Peakflo using the IDs in your accounting software
Why you'll love it:
  1. Consistency across platforms
  2. Ease of search
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June 2021 Releases

[Major] WhatsApp for Business Integration

How it works:

Now you can automate messages via WhatsApp for Business


Why you'll love it:

  1. Meet your customers where they are

  2. Create natural automated communication that sound real


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[Major] B2B Payments

How it works:

Now, your customers can pay invoices directly from the customer portal.


Why you'll love it:

  1. Customers can help themselves

  2. Frictionless payments


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ChargeBee Integration

How it works:

Now, you can connect your ChargeBee accounting software.


Why you'll love it:

  1. Autosync your customer data with the platform


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Workflow Duplication

How it works:

Now you can clone your favorite workflows


Why you'll love it:

  1. Quickly create new workflows from your fave workflows


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User Management

How it works:

Manage user roles and permissions for teammates using the platforms


Why you'll love it:

  1. Limit access to the features based on role


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