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Getting Started with Peakflo

I can't login, what should I do?
Getting Started: Admin Setup
Getting Started: Account Managers
Getting Started: Finance Teams
Getting Started: Management

Workflow Management

How can I add a new action in the workflow?
How can I assign account managers and workflows to customers?
How can I customize my workflow action template?
How do I assign workflows to multiple customers at once?

Customer Management

How can I manage my contacts?
How can I pause reminders for a customer?
How can I raise or resolve a dispute?
What is credit limit and how can I use it ?
Where can I find customer credit limits and status information ?
How can I attach a file to a customer or invoice?
How can I leave comments or notes?
How can I edit customer contacts?
How do I group entities?

Invoice Management

Where can I find the latest invoices statuses?
How do I mark invoice as paid?

Actions Page

What is an action and what are the different types?
How do I skip an action planned for today?
How do I see the actions that I need to do today?
I have an action in my actions tab, what should I do?
What does legal escalation mean?

Integrations Page

How do I connect Quickbooks to Peakflo?
How do I connect Netsuite to Peakflo?
What do I do if my accounting software hasn't synced to Peakflo?
I don't use any accounting software, how can I start?
How to upload invoices
How to upload contacts
How to set up your WhatsApp for business?


What do the dashboard metrics mean?

Payer Portal

What is payer portal and how do I use it?