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August 2023 Releases


Do your employees have trouble figuring out which approval workflow to choose for the purchase requests, purchase quotes, purchase orders, or bills? 
Choosing the right approval workflow can be streamlined by setting up rules based on any required field such as department, vendor, user, tracking category, tags,... and Peakflo will automatically assign the right approval workflow to your PR, PQ, PO or bills. 

Admins can now restrict or grant visibility to finance team members over the company accounts and balances without hindering payment cycles. 


All customers using Xero accounting software can now sync and edit tracking categories on line item level in Peakflo in order to have better visibility over line item fields in bill and purchase orders.


Admins can now create any required custom fields with control over the visibility of the field for the vendor and customer details to better track their activities and information. 


Admins can now get pdf export of all the attachments present in Peakflo at any required frequency. All you need to do is to contact Peakflo to enable this feature.



Admins will now get notified when payment reminders are not being delivered so that they can proactively reach out to customers and update contact details!  


Customers using Oracle Netsuite accounting software will now have a smoother experience with the sync of invoices, payments, and automated reconciliation with Peakflo.