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April 2023 Releases


Finance managers can now Export data in any customized format based on the accounting software requirements or even for internal purposes. 


Admins can now add details such as billing and shipping address, Tax number, beneficiary country and other information in Peakflo and mass upload customers with all the mentioned details to Peakflo easily. 


Additionally, invoice details such as line items, taxes, discounts and chart of accounts can now be added via the invoice upload template into Peakflo.



Invoice approvers can now mass approve multiple invoices and update status of the invoice in one go.



Our customers in India can now easily integrate Peakflo with Invoice Registration Portal (IRP)! 


After integration, the generated invoices in Peakflo will automatically contain Invoice Registration Number (IRN), QR code and HSN SAC code. 



Admins and heads of departments can now e-sign invoices, purchase orders and credit notes! The e- signatures can be added in Peakflo’s “my profile section. 

The signature along with Name and time will be embedded into the pdfs sent to customers and vendors after full approval.

From Peakflo’s timeline, stakeholders can also  track the signatory and signed date along with the approval time and details. 



Now finance teams can include customer’s tax number placeholder as part of the payment reminders.



Collections teams can now impose a late fee payment and add a table of outstanding invoices along with the interest on late fee payment to the reminders.



Peakflo has included withholding tax on a line item level! Synching of withholding tax from your accounting software into Peakflo is now available.



The collections team can schedule the payment reminders to go out at specific time of day, even more than once  according to their customers’ timezone and preference.
In order to use this feature, please contact support@peakflo.co