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October 2022 Releases


Accounts Payable New Releases

Accounts payable managers don’t need to keep reminding approvers of pending approvals anymore! All the approvers will receive daily emails from Peakflo containing the details of all their pending approvals.


The finance team can now communicate effortlessly by leaving comments on purchase quotes or bills timeline. The stakeholders will get notified instantly via email.


Bill viewers and Approvers can also get instantly notified with a customizable note when a bill is deleted or canceled.


Now the procurement and finance teams can export purchase orders in CSV.


Finance teams can easily categorize and track bills by adding custom fields to the table views. In the table view, the custom fields can be filtered for better visibility of bills and purchase quotes


The purchase quote requester’s name will be added automatically to the purchase quote form. The admins will be able to edit this field. The finance team can also view and filter the requester's name in the purchase quotes table view.


Finance teams and employees can collaborate and manage budgets seamlessly by adding budget members in addition to budget owners. The budget members will only have access to the budgets they have been assigned to.


Budget owners and budget members will get email notifications once the budget limit exceeds 50%, 80%, 90%, and when the budget is finished or has exceeded the initial amount.


Accounts Receivable 

The finance managers can request different types of customized reports from Peakflo for more visibility and control. 


The admins can add limitless subsidiaries to the parent company to be able to send reminders and access reports both at the company and subsidiary levels.