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May 2022 Releases

[NEW] All stakeholders can receive customer payment proof easily

No need to ask your customers to share payment proof manually!

Include the email addresses of all the stakeholders in the company settings so that your customer payment proof would be sent to them without any extra work!

MAY-NEW_Include-email-addresses-of-all (2)

[NEW] New email for capturing communications via email reminders
The payment reminder email address for capturing communications is now changed to collections@app.peakflo.co
MAY-1NEW_new-email-address-and-customized-name (1)

[NEW] Additional fields have been added to invoices

Your customers will also receive a much more comprehensive invoice pdf with many improvements. The newly added fields to the invoice include:

      • Invoice issuer address

      • Payer name and address

      • Note


[NEW] Access customer ref ID using "Customer Status Tracking Report"

Easily access customer ref ID in the “customer status tracking report” or by exporting the same report.


[NEW] Mass uploading bills and invoices using field matching

While mass uploading all your bills or invoices data using CSV or XLS, you can match all fields before confirmation to make sure the data is imported correctly.

MAY-NEW_mass-upload-invoice (2)

MAY-NEW_mass-upload-XLS (1)-1

[NEW] New fields and updates on Bills & Payments page
With the new look and new fields of the bills and payments page, get better visibility over all your payments!

Previous Bills & Payments page

WHTa (1)

Latest Bills & Payments page

new look and new fields of the bills and payments page (1)

[NEW] Flat Taxes and Tax Categories
Flat taxes and tax categories such as stamp duty have also been added to the bill edit form to make bill capture smoother.

GOF tax (1)

[NEW] Roles and Permissions

Get an overview of all the permissions each user will have based on their roles.

role & permission (1)