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September 2022 Releases

Accounts Payable

  • The CFO and finance team can drive better decisions with a real-time, in-depth overview of the accounts payable dashboard.
  • The finance team can save time by quickly previewing the types of bills or purchase quotes under custom fields. 

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  • The finance team can get more visibility on deposit and spend history and optimize cash flows through Ledger.
  • The finance team can easily send a customized email right from Peakflo to vendors, request changes to the bills, and track these changes in a centralized audit trail. This also provides all internal stakeholders full visibility.
  • To save time, the finance team can mark all bills as paid in one go.  
  • The finance team can create up to 10-step approval workflows to streamline even the most complex approval processes.
  • As an admin, you can set the types of approval emails your users will receive.
  • Now the finance or treasury team can easily find the account name to facilitate wallet top-ups.
  • For easier reconciliation, the finance team can track wallet top-up history. 
  • Now users in the Philippines can top up their wallets through Xendit via any local bank.
  • The finance team can stay on top of pending payments with the aging payable report.

    Accounts Receivable
  • AR managers can quickly send manual WhatsApp and SMS messages as well as emails to customers to improve ad-hoc communications.
  • The finance team can customize invoice names and numbers without any hassle.
  • AR managers can add withholding taxes in payments to make outstanding invoice amount zero.
  • The finance team can ensure all customers are assigned to certain workflows at a larger scale.
  • AR managers can now export details on customer ID and which workflow the customer belongs to from the customer status tracking report to immediately take the right actions.