Getting Started: Account Managers

So you're an Account Manager? Congrats! In this tutorial, we'll show you how to navigate the Peakflo platform. You'll learn:

Dashboards: Get a bird's eye view

The dashboard allows you to see the overall health of all of the accounts. Learn more about the metrics here.



Invoice Status Tracking Report

So, you don't necessarily want to see everyone's accounts, right? In Peakflo, you can filter out just the details you care about. To find out what's happening with the invoices, go to 'Reports' and select the 'Invoice Status Tracking Report.' Here you can filter by account manager to see only your accounts.



Next, click on an the company name. You'll be able to see a full timeline of all communications that you've had with this company. In fact, in this window you'll be able to see all the invoices issued and their statuses, edit contacts, and upload files and screenshots that happened in another channel, like Whatsapp.


You can also post private notes about the customer that only internal people can see.

How convenient is that?

Customer Status Tracking Report

This report is another gem. It gives you a foolproof way to see what's happening with customers, highlighting who's paid early or late in plain language.



Every now and then, some miscommunication or mistake will happen. In Peakflo, both customers and account managers can raise disputes. During setup, you'll be asked to submit dispute reasons in advance.

Common dispute reasons include:

Delivery not made

Double charged

Incorrect amount charged

Product was damaged or lost

This section will cover:

How do you raise a dispute?

Step 1: Go to the disputed invoice

Step 2: Click 'Raise Dispute'


Step 3: Select the reason from the dropdown menu and click 'Raise Dispute'


How does a customer raise disputes?

During the set up phase, you will also need to send over common dispute reasons for us to pre-load in your payer's portal.

To raise a dispute, customers can go to the Payer's Portal and click the message icon.


Then select their dispute.


The workflow will pause and you, the account manager, will see a yellow alert that looks like this.


How do you resolve a customer dispute?

When dispute is resolved, click 'resolve dispute'


Managing customer disputes: extras

In the customer folder, you'll be able to see the invoice in question and problem solve the dispute. Here you can:

  1. Mark an invoice paid
  2. Edit and attach invoices (Note: If you're integrated into an external system, we cannot change invoice details.)
  3. Upload files and attach screenshots of conversations managed in WhatsApp or other channels before marking the dispute resolved
  4. Track line items

How can you add more dispute reasons?

For now, if you want to modify dispute reasons, email us at

Easy peasy!