How do I assign workflows to multiple customers at once?

So if you want to assign many customers to workflows at one time, there are three things you need: 1. Our Mass Workflow Upload Excel template

2. Customer IDs

3. Workflow IDs

Getting The Template

To get the template, simply email This template has two categories: Customer ID and Workflow ID

Finding Customer ID

The Customer IDs are the unique identifiers generated by your accounting system to distinguish your customers from each other. To find them in our platform, here's what you do:

First choose the customers you want to add


Next, in the customer file, find the Customer ID in the 'Details' section


Input this into the Template

Finding The Workflow ID

To get the Workflow IDs, you'll need to contact with the subject line "Mass Workflow Upload Support."

Uploading File

Finally, upload the completed file in the 'Mass Workflow Assign' tab in Settings


And that's it.