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How do I assign workflows to multiple customers at once?

So if you want to assign many customers to workflows at one time, here are the steps you should take:


  1. Click on Settings tab
  2. Click on "Mass Workflow Assign"
Untitled (3)

3. Click on the link in "Refer to this link to see the file format and file samples" to see the file template


Untitled (4)
4. You can also find the Template file below:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1A8yMzKYKags0qsKWSst5dTGBt0WDmVSR/view?usp=sharing
    1. The template file contains 2 columns:
       1. workflowId
       2. customerId
    2. To get workflowId, select the workflow you want to be assigned by clicking on "Workflow" in the Settings tab
Untitled (5)
5. Click on the workflow you want to use e.g Good payers workflow
Untitled (6)


6. Workflow ID is highlighted in the URL as shown in screenshot below

Untitled (7)


7. to find the Customer ID, check out this link.


8. Before uploading, please make sure your mass workflow assignment file looks as shown below

Untitled (11)


10. Now that your file is ready, you may upload it by clicking on the "Upload Mass Workflow File" button

Untitled (12)

And that's it!