How to create credit notes for accounts receivable and link to invoices?

Create credit notes, apply tax to each credit note and approve credit notes by checking the article below

With Peakflo, you can add a credit note and link it to an invoice. This way, document any changes to the invoice and have more control over who creates and approves the credit note!

  1. In the "Credit Notes" tab, click on the "Add New" button at the top right corner.

Screen Shot 2023-09-03 at 16.43.25-1

2. A popup will appear, in which you need to fill out the following information:

Screen Shot 2023-09-03 at 16.34.57-1

    • Customers’ names for whom the Credit Note is being created.

    • The credit note Amount. Peakflo will pre-fill this (find out more below on how this works), or you can also fill it out and edit it later if needed.

    • Assign an Approval Policy to the credit note. Please refer to this link to check how you can create an approval policy for credit notes. 
    • The Reference number or the identifier for this credit note.
      * The credit note reference is a unique number for each invoice. 

    • The Issue Date

    • Currency of the credit note
    • Notes (if any)

3. Once you've selected a Customer, you'll see a list of invoices Due and overdue that they owe.

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You can settle the credit note amount, fully or partially, against any of the due or overdue invoices.
To do that:

  • If you'd like to apply a specific amount to the Credit Notes, please input the invoice amount that will be settled in the Applied Amount.

    Screen Shot 2023-09-03 at 16.34.27
  • If the Credit Note amount is applied to the outstanding amount for one or more invoices, click on the arrow icon. Doing so will link the Outstanding Amount with the Applied Amount.  

3. The Amount will follow the total Applied Amount that you've set to the Credit Note(s). You can edit the total Amount. Let's say, you'd like to set a higher Amount so that the customer can apply the remaining Credit Notes to future invoices. 

4. Click save and close

Screen Shot 2023-09-03 at 16.40.12

Congratulations, you've added a credit note! Onto the next step!

How do I approve a credit note?

Every credit note needs to be approved before they're applied to the invoices. 

Here's the step-by-step guide:

  1. Now go to the Credit Notes tab. Select the Credit Note

Screen Shot 2023-09-03 at 16.43.25

2. Click the "Approve" button at the top. 

3. It will immediately change the status of the Credit Note to Active.

4. Once the Credit Note is issued against the invoice, the balance of the invoice will be zero.

Aside from the table view, you can also check the Outstanding Amount when you click on the invoice to see the details. 

5. You can also track any changes regarding the credit note in the timeline.