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How to manually add payments to Peakflo?

Let's say you'd like to add payments outside of Peakflo. Here are the steps you need to do: 

  1. Go to Receivables and click on Payments
  2. Once you're in the Payments tab, click on the Add New button at the top right
  3. Simply fill in the empty fields in the pop-up window. 
  4. Still in the same window, make sure to link the payment to the right invoice.

    If the customer pays the full amount, you can simply click on Link Outstanding Amount and Peakflo will adjust accordingly. 

    If the customer pays specific or the partial amount, you can simply edit  Applied Amount. The Withholding Tax Amount will follow the tax applied to this invoice. 

  5. Once done, hit Save and Close. Congratulations, your payment is now recorded in Peakflo! You can also Export Payouts by clicking on the button at the top right. 

Short and sweet, right? 🍰