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How can I assign account managers to customers?

Did you get new customers and want to assign them to an account manager? New to update existing customers info? Here's how you do it.

Assigning account managers in bulk

To assign account managers in one fell swoop, it's easy! First, go to the Settings Tab and select Mass Account Manager Assign


Next, click the upload button to assign account managers to the desired companies. And that's it!


You will need to prepare an excel sheet with the emails of your Account Managers and the customer IDs:

  • email: Please specify an email of an existing peakflo user which will be an account manager.
  • customer ID: customer ID used in your accounting system. If your accounting system doesn't allow to export customer ids, we can do this export for you after the sync is finished.

The template file can be found here:

Assigning new customers an account manager and workflow (only if you are not using an accounting system)

So you've got a new customer and you need to assign them a workflow and an account manager in Peakflo? We've got you covered!


On the 'Customers' page, you'll see a blue button that says 'Create Customer'. Here, you'll be able to choose which account manager will be responsible for the customer and which workflow they should be added to.


Editing existing customers

To make changes to existing customers, simply select the customer, click the 'Details' tab, and modify the sections you wish to change.


Finding Customer ID - External Ref Number

The Customer IDs are the unique identifiers generated by your accounting system to distinguish your customers from each other. To find them on our platform, here's what you do:

First, choose the customers you want to add. Below the name, there should be a Customer Id

image (6)-1

Input this into the sheet and upload!


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