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How to upload your customer invoice details?

You are not managing your invoicing in any of the supported accounting softwares. As a result, you would like to import your invoices in bulk using an excel or CSV file.

What is the solution

  • Create or update invoices by importing an excel file: You send us the file and we'll take care of it manually for you (during onboarding only).

💡 These invoices will not be synced with any accounting system afterwards


  • Click "Import invoices" button from the settings page dedicated to invoice upload.

How to prepare the excel file

Imported file should be in the following format: xlsx, csv

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Please refer to the information below to find details about each field:

  • customerRef (mandatory): indicated in customer details in Peakflo. To see the number open customer profile and click "Details" tab.
  • invoiceNumber (mandatory): A unique invoice reference that should be used if invoice is imported again. Should be unique in the file
  • issueDate (mandatory): The field should be in an excel format date or a string `YYYY-MM-DD`
  • duePeriod (Mandatory if no dueDate is set): Number of days from invoice issue date till due date.
  • dueDate (Mandatory if no duePeriod is set): The date after which invoice will be marked as overdue. The field should be in an excel format date or a string `YYYY-MM-DD`
  • amount: total invoice outstanding amount
  • amountDue: amount yet to be paid for the invoice
  • status: should be selected from the following available inputs:
    • OPEN
    • DRAFT
    • PAID
  • lastUpdated: The field should be in an excel format date or a string `YYYY-MM-DD`. If not set - the time of file upload will be used instead.
  • currency: Currency should in ISO 4217 format (example: "SGD"). By default is "SGD".

Sample file

Kindly refer to the following working sample file in case if any instructions are not clear.