How to mass upload customer invoice details?

Mass uploading customer invoices eliminates the spreadsheet work and sets you up with detailed out-of-the-box reports, view customer timelines to stay up to date on all your accounts receivable, get full transparency on aging balance, set up financial KPIs and the course of action for each customer. Now let's get started.


If you are importing "invoices in draft status only" in Peakflo, please open, download, and import your invoice details according to this template.

If you importing "invoices with any status" (draft, paid, voided, etc) in Peakflo, please open, download, and add your invoice details according to this template.

Now let's start filling in the fields in the sheet to mass upload your invoice details and import line items at once.

Customer ID (mandatory): Copy and paste the same customer ID you used when uploading customer contact details/

* To find the customer ID, check out this link.

  • On the Customers page, you will find the list of customers you have successfully uploaded to your Peakflo account. You can see the customer ID assigned to them below their name.

  • Decide which company's contact details you'd like to upload and enter their customer ID in the spreadsheet.

Invoice Number (mandatory):  All invoice numbers must be unique and not repeated.
Issue Date (mandatory): DD-MM-YYYY format
Due Period (mandatory if no due date is provided): A set length of time given to the customer. The payment is expected to be made within the period granted. (example: 30 days, 60 days). Must be in DD-MM-YYYY format.
Due Date ( mandatory if no due period is provided): DD-MM-YYYY format.
Amount: Total invoice value
Amount Due: Total outstanding amount to pay for the invoice
Status: Payment status should be selected from the following available inputs:(PAID, OPEN, DRAFT)
itemName: Line item details
description: Line item description (can include additional details) but this will not be shown in invoice pdf
quantity: Line item quantity (Intergers or Decimal numbers only) - Mandatory if itemName exists
unitAmount: Pre-tax unit cost of the line item, mandatory if itemName exists
itemAccount: The chart of account of the item (As saved in Peakflo)
taxName: Tax Name (As saved in Peakflo)
discountName: Discount Name (As saved in Peakflo)
Paid on Date: The date when the payment for the invoice was received.
Currency: Currency should be in ISO 4217 format (example: "SGD")

Once you've captured all the details, this is how the spreadsheet will look like:
Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 12.33.26

Before uploading the spreadsheet, don't forget to delete the 'mandatory' and the 'field description' columns. Your spreadsheet should look like this before it's ready to upload.

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 12.35.07

Next, go to Settings -> Mass Upload Invoices and click the 'Mass Upload Customer Invoices' button to upload your spreadsheet.

The customer contact details are successfully uploaded if the status is marked as 'Completed'.

If the status is ‘Completed with errors’, click on the line item to view the list of errors.

In the 'Upload details' box, you will find the list of errors and their line numbers to quickly identify them on the spreadsheet.

Once you've fixed the errors on the spreadsheet, re-name the spreadsheet and upload it again to complete this process.