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How to approve bills and schedule them for payments?

Once you've uploaded all the bills, follow the below steps to approve bills and schedule them for payments.

1. From the 'payables' drop-down arrow in the left navigation menu bar, select 'bills' to access the bills & payments page. 

select bill for approval

2. On the Bills & Payments page, select the bill you want to be paid and click 'Send to approval'.

Send to approval

3. You also have the option to delete or edit the bill before sending it to approval.

edit bill_1.1

4. In the 'edit bill' box, you can enter the amount to be paid, select payment date and add notes.

edit bill_2

5. Once you've sent the bills for approval, it will now appear on the 'Pending Approval' tab. Only team members who have permission to approve will see the bills added to this tab.

Pending approval

6. Moving on, there are two ways to approve the bills. 

a) Mass action approval by selecting the checkbox against the bills and clicking the 'approve' button.

Mass Action Approval

b) Approving the bills individually.

Note that once a bill has been sent for approval, it cannot be deleted. However, approvers can select 'edit bill' and change the amount to be paid, payment date and add notes as explained above in #4. 

Individual approval_1

7. Once the bill is approved, it will move to the scheduled tab.

Scheduled payments

The bills will appear under the 'paid' tab if the payments are successful, and unsuccessful payments will appear under the 'failed' tab.