Where can I find the latest invoices status?

Want to know the latest status of your invoices? Just go to the 'Reports' Tab and select the “Invoice Status Tracking report”.


Here is a list of information you can find:

  • Due date: the date post by which ideally your customer should pay you
  • Amount due: The amount unpaid for an invoice.
  • Total amount: The total invoice amount including the amount due and paid.
  • Status: whether the invoice is paid, due, overdue, in legal escalation disputed or voided. 
  • Invoice promise to pay date: Say the customer has defaulted on an invoice on a due date and you check with them the final date by which they can pay an invoice - this date can be set here. This is called the invoice promise to pay date. Learn how to create tasks to keep promise-to-pay notes.
  • Customer name: Customer on whose name the invoice is created.
  • Invoice: This is the invoice number, the primary identifier of the invoice.