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How to top-up your wallet?

The Peakflo wallet works by adding funds into your digital wallet that you can use to pay off your local and international bills instantly. It’s also a secure option to pay all your bills without putting your bank account or credit card details at risk.

Here's how you can top-up your wallet.

1. Click 'Wallet' from the left navigation menu.

Wallet Homepage_1

2. Now, you'll see the list of wallets available for you in different currencies. Select the wallet you want to top-up and click 'TOP UP'.

'Wallet balance' denotes the amount that's available on the wallet.

'Assigned to bill payments' denotes the wallet value assigned to approved and scheduled bill payments that are yet to be executed.


3. If you are in Indonesia or Singapore. On the top-up page, you will see the bank account details to which you have to transfer the wallet top-up value. 

image (27)-1

3.1  If you are in Philippines, input the top up amount, click on 'top up wallet'

Select your bank account for topup via direct debit.

4. Your wallet will be updated in 5 minutes after you've successfully made the bank transfer.

Wallet after top up