How to manage transactions?

Peakflo's transactions section (found inside the "Accounting" tab) provides all the needed information for you to: 

  • Check your receivables and payables wallet and top-up if needed.
  • See the breakdown of your payouts during a specific reporting period with date filters.

  • Access the audit trail for every transaction by clicking on a specific payout 

  • Export the transactions and import them to your software or internal system.
  • See the status of your reconciliation in real-time.

Here's the meaning behind each sync status and what you can do about it: 
    • New: The payout has just been imported from your accounting software. To proceed, send it for approval by opening up the payout and clicking on the "Send For Approval" button.

      Or by conducting Bulk Actions.

      As the approver, you'll have the option to individually or mass Approve transactions or Decline.

      If you want a more automated approach to transaction approvals, find out how you can do so using payable workflows.
    • Declined: The transaction is declined by the approver and therefore canceled. Please talk to your approver(s) for clarification.
    • Pending Sync: The transaction is in the process of getting synced in both Peakflo and your accounting software for faster payment reconciliation

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