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How to add and manage items?

By importing line items, you can fast-track invoice and bill creation processes. Plus, your inventory management will be more seamless. 

Find out how to: 

How to Add an Item

Here's how you can add an item: 

  • Go to the Items page.
  • Click on Add New, then select Add Item
  • Then, fill out all the empty fields, such as: 
    • Name of the item
    • ID (will be filled automatically)
    • Price
    • Unit
    • Switch the toggle if it's Discountable
    • Add Tax if necessary
    • Select the Type
    • Description
  • Once done, hit Save and Close.

How to Manage Items

On the same page, you can view all the items you've added along with the details. 

You can always edit an item by clicking on any of the rows, or switching the toggle to make it discountable.

The flow for editing an item is more or less the same as adding a new one. 

How to Delete an Item

To do this, it's fairly simple. 

You've probably seen the little button in the bottom left corner of the page. 

All you have to do is click on "Delete Item", and the item will be gone from existence. 

Simple, right? That's what Peakflo is for you!