How to approve bills, POs, and transactions in My Approvals

My Approvals is a portal to streamline all types of payable approvals. It can be found under the Payables menu. 

In this portal, approvers can:

  • Approve Bills
  • Approve PQs
  • Approve transactions

Approve Bills

Once you're on the My Approvals page, Bills will be the first page to show up in the dashboard. 

It will only show the bills you're tagged as the approvers in the approval policies. 

If the dashboard is empty, there aren't any bills assigned to you yet.

You can approve bills on the Bill and Reimbursement or My Approval tab.

To approve the bill: 

  1. Click on a bill
  2. Make sure that the info in the bill is correct
  3. Click on Approve.

If you have a lot of bills to approve, you can also mass approve all or a couple of them at once.

Approve PQs

You can approve PQs in the Purchase Requests or My Approval tab. 

To approve PQs:

  1. Slide to the Purchase Quotes tab.
  2. Click on a PQ.
  3. Make sure the info in the PQ is correct.
  4. Click on Approve.

Approve Transactions

You can approve transactions in the Transactions section (under Accounting) or My Approval tab. 

To approve transactions:

  1. Slide to Transactions
  2. Click on a Transaction
  3. Make sure the detail is correct 
  4. If incorrect, you can Decline. If correct, you can Approve.