How to pay bills with Peakflo?

There are a couple of ways to pay bills with Peakflo: 

a. Pay an individual bill

b. Pay bills in bulk

Make sure that your bill has been approved for payment before proceeding with the steps!

Pay an individual bill

Automatically, a bill that is approved will be moved to the Scheduled tab under Bills & Reimbursements.

Pay now

If you want to pay the bill right away, click on a bill. When "Actions" show up, click "Pay Now".

Note that payment will be made using the Peakflo wallet, so ensure that it has sufficient funds. If not, Peakflo will send you an email notifying payment failure along with the amount to top-up your wallet.

Change the payment date

If you want to change the date of the payment, click on a bill. Then, select "Change payment date"

Then, set the payment date.

Mark as paid

Let's say you have made a payment against a bill outside of Peakflo. You'll need to mark the bill as paid manually. 

You can also check the payment method in the timeline of the bill. 

Pay bills in bulk

Got multiple bills you want to pay in one go? That's the cool thing about Peakflo - see how you can conduct mass action on multiple bills.


How do I know if a payment is successful?

You can track your payment status in the Bills & Reimbursement tab. If it's successful, it'll go to the Paid tab. If it's unsuccessful, it'll go to the Paid tab. 

If you want to know why the payment fails, go to the Timeline. 

Here's a quick rundown on payment failure possibilities along with the solutions: 

  • Not enough funds in wallet: Please top-up your wallet to continue the payment.
  • Payment not configured: Please contact
  • Missing vendor details: Please complete the bank details of said vendor. 
  • Invalid vendor details: One factor could be an invalid or blocked bank account. Please check and correct the bank details of said vendor.
  • Encountered error when processing the transaction. Please try again after 1-3 hours.
  • The amount is below the minimum value required for successful disbursement.
  • Swift code is not valid. Contact Peakflo: Learn more about how swift codes work in our create and upload bills guide.