How to integrate Peakflo with IRP

As a growing business, validating the legitimacy of your invoice is of utmost importance –especially for building trust with customers. 

Thankfully, Peakflo now supports integration with the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) to ensure that all your invoices are 100% genuine in the GST ecosystem. 

So in this article, find out how to integrate Peakflo with IRP and what you can expect from the integration!

How to integrate Peakflo with IRP

To enable the integration, please reach out to us at!

How to generate GSTIN, IRN, and a QR code for every invoice

  1. Create an invoice or mass upload invoices.
  2. If the integration with the IRP is already enabled, Peakflo will automatically generate the following data for every invoice:
    1. GSTIN or the Goods and Services Tax Identification Number
    2. IRN or the Invoice Registration Number
    3. QR code
  3. Please wait for 5 minutes before exporting the invoice as Peakflo needs to validate the data with the IRP.

Here's an example of how the invoice will look like: