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How do I connect NetSuite to Peakflo?

So you want to connect your NetSuite with Peakflo? We're working hard to make this process self-service, but for now, the process is white-glove and you're our VIP!

How you do it:

You'll need to have administrative permissions so that can proceed with the following steps:

  1. Visit the Peakflo website and click 'Book A Demo' in order to get a one-on-one walk-through of the integration. We'll make sure you get started right.
  2. Peakflo team will send you secret keys that you'll use for the next steps. Make sure to check your mail inbox and save the credentials! 
  3. Once logged into NetSuite, go to Customization in the top navigation bar. From the dropdown menu, select SuiteBuilder then click on Search & Install Bundles
    Untitled (1)-Sep-12-2022-06-19-41-07-AM
  4. Search the keyword Peakflo
  5. Install both of the bundles Peakflo integration and Peakflo integration (attachments).
  6. Once installations are finished, go to Setup in the main navigation bar, select Peakflo integration, then click on Peakflo Admin Configuration
    Untitled (2)-4
  7. Please enter the credentials you've received earlier in the respective fields:
    image (7) 
    Field Value
    Peakflo key The value is provided by the Peakflo team. Please check your inbox
    Peakflo secret The value is provided by the Peakflo team. Please check your inbox
    Enabled Subsidiary Choose which subsidiaries to enable according to prior agreements with the Peakflo team
    Peakflo Sync Select the checkbox to enable the peakflo sync after all keys, secrets and subsidiaries are configured correctly
  8. The data sync for your transactions will begin. Depending on the number of invoices you have, syncing can take a couple of hours up to a few weeks. 

Need any help or got questions?

Please reach out to support@peakflo.co and we'll get you sorted.