How do I connect Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Peakflo?

Are you using Microsoft Dynamics Nav to manage your business? Integrating with Peakflo is easy and swift!

🔃 To connect, please get in touch with our customer success and sales team, or email

All you have to do is inform us of the version of Microsoft Dynamics Nav you're using – cloud or on-prem – and we'll contact you shortly for the integration 🔧 

Data flow diagram

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Peakflo will securely import the following data from Microsoft Dynamics Nav automatically: 

  • Inventory list → You can also import The "Inventory list" from Peakflo to MS Navision and vice versa
  • Taxes
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Customers → You can also import "Customers" from Peakflo to MS Navision and vice versa
  • Invoice payments → You can also import "Invoice payments" from Peakflo to MS Navision and vice versa
  • Credit Note → You can also import "Credit notes" from Peakflo to MS Navision and vice versa

Please mind that we do not sync any dispute-level items, so finance and sales teams will need to solve disputes and create credit notes manually in Peakflo. 

  • Vendors → You can also import Vendors from Peakflo to MS Navision and vice versa
  • Group Posting → You can add any required custom field from either MS Nav or Peakflo, In MS Nav these fields are under "Group Posting" and get reflected in Peakflo as Vendor custom fields. 

 To sync Group Postings to Peakflo and vice versa, please contact

  • Bills
  • Bills payments
  • POs

You can also set up different wallets with the same currency to make sure payments are automatically reconciled under the correct COA/GL code expenses.

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How long will my Peakflo account be connected to Microsoft Dynamics Nav?

Your account will be connected to Microsoft Dynamics Nav until you click disconnect. If you ever find your account disconnected, you can reconnect at any time by contacting us at

How do I disconnect from Microsoft Dynamics Nav?

To disconnect, please contact us and we'll disconnect your account immediately.

How are payments recorded on Microsoft Dynamics Nav handled?

Payments applied to invoices on Microsoft Dynamics Nav will be synced to Peakflo instantly. You must have auto-sync enabled for 2-way payment sync to work.

How to change my Microsoft Dynamics Nav organization Peakflo?

Please send an email to