How can I send ad-hoc WhatsApp and reply to customers?

Now you can send ad-hoc WhatsApp messages with customizable texts straight from Peakflo! You can also reply to customers' WhatsApp messages to keep all communications in one place! 😉

For this, you'll need to go to Customers under the Receivables tab. 


Click on the name of the customer whom you'd like to send the message. 

At the bottom, you'll see the buttons to Send EmailSend SMS, and Send WhatsApp. Click one of the buttons based on the channel you'd like to send the message from. 


In this article, we'll go through: 

  • How to send ad-hoc WhatsApp messages
  • How to reply to a customer's WhatsApp message

How to send ad-hoc WhatsApp messages from Peakflo

For sending messages through WhatsApp, you'll have the option to either send via business or personal number. 

Peakflo has pre-filled the recipient number for you. You can either remove it or add a new number from the dropdown list. 


As for the message, you can either use a pre-made template or tailor one yourself. 


If you haven't connected WhatsApp for Business to your Peakflo account, make sure to click the button at the bottom of the message box. 


Or, read our help portal article on how to set up WhatsApp for Business 📖

Once the message is ready, click Send 🚀


You can also refer to the message in the timeline. 


To keep yourself up-to-date, make sure to check your email regularly for WhatsApp notifications 😉

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How to reply to a customer's WhatsApp message? 

Do you know you can also reply to your customer's WhatsApp straight from Peakflo?

In the timeline, when there's a new message coming in, simply click the Reply button and type your message away 📨


In case your customer includes an attachment, you can check it right away. Just click on the attached file.