Xero Support Documentation


Peakflo connects and syncs with the data in your Xero account in just a few minutes. We securely import the following data from Xero automatically:

  • your company information
  • customers
  • invoices
  • bills and payments
  • status of payments
  • credit notes
  • payments and overpayments
  • chart of accounts
  • currencies
  • taxes
Your Peakflo account syncs with Xero automatically: every 5 minutes (for bills, payments, withholding taxes, credit notes) and in real-time (for customers and invoices) before any payment reminder is sent to ensure you're always working with the most up-to-date information.

Keep both systems up to date, automatically: the two-way integration between Xero and Peakflo means payments made via Peakflo are reflected in your Xero account, too.

You can also map which accounts in Xero should be debited/credited when you receive invoice payments via Peakflo. You can also easily track all payments collected and processing fees inside Xero.

Data Flow Diagram

Data syncs from Peakflo to Xero are as follows

NEW_XERO x PEAKFLO_Integration-objects_update 20-3-23

Syncing custom fields to Xero as tracking categories is available on both the PO & bill level and also on the PO and bill line item level. 


  • Bank Transaction refers to payments done to vendors/employees for each bill. 
  • Bank Transfer refers to the top-up to the Peakflo wallet done through your local bank account (e.g.  BCA)


Additionally, whenever you create new records in Xero, we'll sync and delete older records to ensure the most accurate, real-time data for seamless record-keeping.


To sync Peakflo with Xero, follow the step-by-step guide in this article for a quick tutorial. 

Or, if you're more of a visual person, take a look at the video below 👀



How long will my Peakflo account be connected to Xero?

Your account will be connected to Xero until you click disconnect. If you ever find your account disconnected, you can reconnect any time in SettingsIntegrations.


How do I disconnect from Xero?

Go to SettingsIntegrations and click on Disconnect below Xero


How are payments recorded on Xero handled?

Payments applied to invoices on Xero will be synced to Peakflo instantly. You must have auto-sync enabled for 2-way payment sync to work.


How to change my Xero Organization in Peakflo?

Reach out to us and we can help you to change the Xero organization.


What to do if an error appears when attempting to create a company name that was already created?

It should not happen under normal circumstances. If you encounter this error, please contact our support team at support@peakflo.co and we will help resolve it promptly.