What are "tags" and how to use them to categorize customers?

Tags are markers to differentiate your customers. 

Tags come in handy in the customer status tracking report as they will give you more insights into your customer segmentations. 

You can use tags to: 

  • Specify whether the customer is a major client or not 
  • Specify the beneficiary country the customer is from
  • Specify the payment behavior of the customer based on their historical patterns
  • And any other use cases according to your preference!

Let's learn:

How to add tags

The first step is to start adding tags based on your customer categorizations. We will get aligned with you right from the onboarding phase to map out the tags you'd like to import from your accounting software to Peakflo. please contact us at support@peakflo.co!

How to edit tags

Now that you've added tags, you might want to start categorizing your customers with them. 

  1. Go to Reports and navigate to the Customer Status Tracking Report. 
  2. In the tags column, click on the pencil button. 
  3. In the "tags" column, click on the pencil icon then select the tags that best describe the category of the customer. Note that you can select more than one tags. 
  4. Hit Save and Close!

How to track customer status reports with tags

Tags are a good tool to filter your reports based on a specific view. 

Let's say, you'd like to only track clients that come from certain countries. Here's how you can do so with tags: 

  1. In Customer Status Tracking Report, click on the filter icon next to tags. 
  2. Select the tags to filter the table view. 
  3. Click "Apply". 
  4. Now the table view will only show customers that have the tags you've filtered.