How to mass upload working files?

Do you want to mass-upload working files and link them to the right invoices? 

Our team can definitely help you with that! Just follow the steps below:

  1. Create a Google Drive folder. 
  2. Upload your files with the following structure: /<customer id>_<invoice number>/<filename>.<fileextension>
    ⇒ To find the customer ID, go to Customers and click on a customer name and go to the details.

    ⇒ To find the invoice number, go to Invoices and click on a specific invoice. Copy the invoice number from the top.

    ⇒ For the file extension, we only support Microsoft Excel or Doc uploads. Any file uploads with Google Docs or Sheet format will not be supported. 
  3. Share the link with Please make sure that the shareable link is accessible for us to edit. 
  4. The process will take 30-60 mins, so sit down and relax!