How can I pause or restart reminders for an invoice?

Have you recently spoken to a customer who said they'll pay? That's great! Let's not keep spamming them then.

To pause reminders: 

  1. Go to the Invoices tab.
  2. Click on an Invoice.
  3. If the toggle is blue, it means that the reminder is still active.
    image (2)-1
    Switch the toggle to pause the reminder.the toggle button at the top right to pause the workflow.
    image (3)

There you go! Paused until further notice. You can always push restart if they need another nudge later on. 😉


When you restart a reminder, which invoice cycle will the reminder be sent to? 

Once you restart reminders, they will only be sent to customers whose invoices are still due. We'll pick the oldest invoice due from the customer and send a reminder message against it along with the table of all outstanding invoices.

Only one reminder is sent to the customer against all invoices and the next reminder will be fired after the minimum contact delay condition is reached. 

How to disable reminders when outstanding is under a certain fixed amount?
If you'd like to disable reminders if an invoice value is under a certain value, please read our tutorial here.

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