How can I attach a file to a customer or invoice?

Do you need to attach a screenshot of a whatsapp conversation or upload a new invoice to a specific customer record? We'll show you how!


There are two things you need to know first—invoice and file uploads are two types of docs.

  • Invoice PDF: This document is visible to the customer
  • any other file: These files are private and only visible to people on your team

To attach a file to the customer record, simply:

  • Select the customer
  • Go to files
  • Click 'Upload File'
  • Select relevant file

To attach a file to the invoice record, simply:

  • Go to 'Invoices'
  • Click on the invoice

  • Click 'Files'
  • Select 'Upload a File' 
  • Select Invoice or File from the dropdown menu

An invoice will be visible to the customer, while the file will be for internal use only


In case you receive an ad-hoc message from your customer that includes an attachment via WhatsApp for Business, you can also open it via the timeline. 


And that's it!