How to match your purchase order with the vendor bill?

When a bill comes in from a vendor or from your employee, you can match the purchase order automatically.

Peakflo will use OCR (optical character recognition) to scan the information in the bill. You will first need to forward the bill to the OCR email ID, which you can find by clicking on the three dots in the Bills section.

How-to-match-your-purchase-order-with-the-vendor-bill_FORWARD-OCR (2)

The bill will then show up in the New status under the Bills section for your finance team to review. 

How to match your purchase order with the vendor bill_NEW

The person in charge can then click on the designated bill, see if the information is accurate or not, and match the bill with existing purchases. 


If the bill amount is not following the purchase request amount, the system will inform you of the error and you won’t be able to proceed with the PO matching. This way, you can request a higher amount from the approver immediately.

Once matched, the bill will go to the Pending approval section where the approvers can review and approve the bills.

Once approved, the bill will go to the Scheduled status. The bills will automatically be paid out based on the due date. If there’s no due date, your finance team can designate the date for the payout. 

Your vendor or employee will then receive the bill via email. 

How-to-match-your-purchase-order-with-the-vendor-bill_EMAIL-PAYMENT-NOTIFE (1)

You can also keep track of the Paid status. 


For a complete tutorial on the procurement flow in Peakflo, check out our video: 


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