How to match the existing vendor or add a new vendor to the bill captured through OCR?

To avoid duplicate or multiple vendors being created in Peakflo, you will now have the option to create a new vendor or match the vendor with an existing vendor in Peakflo. Want to know how? Follow the steps below:

1. Click on the "Bills" tab under the "Payables" section. The bills that were captured via OCR, are saved as a new bill in the draft state.

Screen Shot 2023-06-27 at 19.48.37

2. Open the bill and check the vendor details.
If the vendor already exists in Peakflo, the box under the vendor details will find an exact match for the vendor. 
In case the vendor does not exist in Peakflo or the vendor exists but the names are not a perfect match, you can either click on find existing or create a new vendor right from the bill edit form. 

Screen Shot 2023-06-27 at 17.15.34
3. Add the vendor details along with the address and bank details, then click on "Save".

Screen Shot 2023-06-27 at 17.15.54
4. Peakflo also checks if the vendor contact details such as email address exists or not. 

Screen Shot 2023-06-27 at 17.17.11
5. In case the email of the vendor is also not found, you can directly add the email address and other contact information directly from the bill edit form. Then you can click on "Save".

Screen Shot 2023-06-27 at 17.17.24

6. Once all the vendor information is added, the vendor details will appear like the image below:

Screen Shot 2023-06-27 at 17.17.38