How to mass upload bills?

Get more things done by mass-uploading bills!

Start by downloading a copy of this mass upload bills template

Once you've downloaded the template, start filling all the columns with the bill details that you want to be uploaded. Center/How to upload bills/Upload mass bill template.png?width=688&name=Upload mass bill template.png

Here are some important things to keep in mind when entering the details into the template.

  • Vendor Type - Choose only between individual and company.
  • Bank Country and SWIFT codes - Must be in alpha-2 code. You can find country codes along with the SWIFT codes in the alpha-2 code here.
  • SourceCurrency & TargetCurrency - Must be in 3 letters. You can find country currency codes here.

Once your mass upload bill sheet is ready, click the dropdown arrow under 'Payables' and click 'Bills'. Next, click the 'Import Bills' icon on the top right corner.

Now you will be redirected to the 'Upload a file' page. Here drag and drop the excel file that contains all the bill details to be uploaded.

In the next section, select the header row of your sheet to ensure the data is accurately represented and click 'next'.

In the Map template columns section, ensure the CSV column and template column are the same. If not, you can change it by selecting from the dropdown list. You can also delete particular columns by selecting the checkbox under delete. Once you've verified all the templates, click 'next' to proceed to the last section. Center/How to upload bills/Mass Upload Bills_Map template columns.png?width=688&name=Mass Upload Bills_Map template columns.png

'Clean and Finalize' is the last section where you'll have to check all the details before reviewing. If any formatting errors are shown, click 'Fix all formatting errors' or 'Fix formatting errors' to clear any error found. Center/How to upload bills/Mass Upload Bills_Clean and Finalize.png?width=688&name=Mass Upload Bills_Clean and Finalize.png

Once there are no errors, click 'Import'. Center/How to upload bills/Mass Upload Bills_Clean and Finalize(2).png?width=688&name=Mass Upload Bills_Clean and Finalize(2).png

After clicking 'Import', you will see notifications on your screen that the bills were successfully imported.

If you go back to the 'Bills' section, you will find the recently imported bills.