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How can I manage my contacts?

Do you want your workflows to always go to the right people? Do you need to make sure contact details are up-to-date? Then actively managing your content list is crucial.

Here's what you need to know:

A contact is the person within your customers' companies that you will be communicating with directly. As a result, the 'Customers Tab' generates the 'Main contacts', 'Other contacts', and 'All contacts' recipient fields.


To see the contacts you have for a specific customer, click the customer you're looking for and go to the 'Contacts' tab.




To add a new contact, simply click the 'New Contact' button in the right hand corner of the 'Contacts' tab. Here you will be able to choose whether a contact is a 'Main Contact' and add them to the Main Contact recipient list. If you don't check the 'Main Contact' box, then the new contact will be added to the 'Other Contacts' and 'All Contacts' lists.


Uploading contacts in bulk

Sometimes you will want to add 100s of new contacts and you don't want to do that one by one. To make bulk uploads, go to 'Upload Contacts' in settings. Here you'll be able to upload a new file. The system will not delete old contacts, but will modify any contacts with same unique identifiers. Learn more about uploading contacts here.




If you have any trouble, contact support@peakflo.co.