Why is my bill not syncing to Microsoft Dynamics NAV?


The error in Peakflo shows, Request failed with status code 400: [Application_StringExceededLength] The length of the string is 36, but it must be less than or equal to 20 characters

This issue occurs when a bill fails to sync to Microsoft Dynamics NAV (MSNAV) with a status code 400, indicating a string length error. This error commonly occurs when you select a customer as the vendor, resulting in an incorrect Vendor ID being sent to MSNAV.


To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

1. Change the Vendor ID: In Peakflo, review the sync collection for the bill that failed to sync. Change the Vendor ID to the correct value for the vendor in MSNAV.

2. Resync the Bill: After updating the Vendor ID in the sync collection, initiate a resync for the bill in Peakflo.

If you require further assistance or encounter any difficulties, please contact our support team for help at support@peakflo.co