Free Trial Terms & Conditions

  1. Peakflo offers a 30 day free trial to new customers, without requiring users to share credit card details
  2. If users of free trial decide not to opt for a paid subscription to Peakflo before the end of trial period, they will be automatically moved to freemium tier, which is a free plan of Peakflo with limited functionality. Differences between freemium tier and paid plan are here.
  3. To better experience the functionality of Peakflo, at any time including during the free trial, users can choose to connect their supported accounting software to Peakflo. Currently Peakflo only supports out of the box integration with Netsuite, Xero, Zoho, Quickbooks and Chargebee for free trial and freemium customers.
  4. Users of any other accounting software will still be able to use Peakflo during free trial and freemium using manual or .csv/.xslx import of data. Peakflo customer support can assist with all such import of data for users who are unable to connect their accounting software to Peakflo.
  5. If connected, Peakflo will be able to read data from and write data to the supported accounting software. Peakflo will use such data for the following purposes
    1. Executing the functionality of Peakflo including but not limited to sending invoice reminders to customers, collecting payments from customers, reconciling payments received
    2. Providing customer support to users of Peakflo and resolving issues
    3. As required by law
    4. As detailed in "Terms and Conditions" and "Privacy Policy".
  6. Users of Peakflo free trial, freemium, or paid plan can choose to disable or remove the connection between Peakflo and accounting software at any time, and also request Peakflo to purge any or all data collected by Peakflo through the integration, and Peakflo will execute these requests in accordance with the law, and Peakflo's T&C and privacy policy.
  7. This summary does not supersede Peakflo's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, and all usage of Peakflo is governed by the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.