What do the dashboard metrics mean?

If you want to quickly understand what's happening with your customer accounts, the dashboard is where all of this information is aggregated and displayed. Here we will explain the terms to you so that you can get the most out of the metrics.

    • Days Sales Outstanding: Average number of days to get paid weighted by invoice amount
      • Outstanding amount: how much money total companies owe you
      • Overdue: total amount owed to you and is overdue
      • Bad debt: Currently, the amount overdue by more than 180 days


  • Aging balance: This chart visualizes the total outstanding amount
    • 0-30 days overdue: shows amount that is overdue less than 30 days;
    • 30-60 days overdue: shows amount that is overdue between 30-60 days;
    • 60-90 days overdue: shows amount that is overdue between 60-90 days;
    • >90 days overdue: shows amount that is overdue more than 90 days;


  • X actions pending: These are the number of actions the account manager needs to do


  • X invoices are disputes: This displays the number and details of invoices in dispute.
  • Main Debtors: These are the customers who owe you the most money


If you have any questions about the dashboard or anything in the platform, select the 'Run Tutorial' button at the top of your screen near the login icon.