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How can I attach a file to a customer or invoice?

Do you need to attach a screenshot of a whatsapp conversation or upload a new invoice to a specific customer record? We'll show you how!


There are two things you need to know first—invoice and file uploads are two types of docs.

  • Invoice PDF: This document is visible to the customer
  • any other file: These files are private and only visible to people on your team

To attach a file to the customer record, simply:

  • Select the customer
  • Go to files
  • Click 'Upload File'
  • Select relevant file


To attach a file to the invoice record, simply:

  • Go to 'Invoices'
  • Click on the invoice

  • Click 'Files'
  • Select 'Upload a File'

  • Select Invoice or File from the dropdown menu

An invoice will be visible to the customer, while the file will be for internal use only


And that's it!