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Getting Started: Management

If you're in senior management, you want an easy to use snapshot of the company's cash flow health. There are two ways to get the big picture:


  • Dashboards
  • Reports

Dashboards: Get a bird's eye view


The dashboard allows you to see the overall health of all of the accounts. Learn more about metrics here.





There are four types of reports:

  1. Invoice Tracking Status Report
  2. Customer Status Tracking Report
  3. Credit Control Report
  4. Legal Escalation Report
  5. Team Activity Report

    Invoice Status Tracking Report


    So, you don't necessarily want to see everyone's accounts, right? In Peakflo, you can filter out just the details you care about. To find out what's happening with the invoices, go to 'Reports' and select the 'Invoice Status Tracking Report.' Here you can filter by account manager to see only your accounts.





    Next, click on a company name. You'll be able to see a full timeline of all communications that you've had with this company. In fact, in this window you'll be able to see all the invoices issued and their statuses, edit contacts, and upload files and screenshots that happened in another channel, like Whatsapp.


    You can also post private notes about the customer that only internal people can see.

    How convenient is that?

    Customer Status Tracking Report


    This report is another gem. It gives you a foolproof way to see what's happening with customers, highlighting who's paid early or late in plain language.



    Credit Control Report


    In this report, you'll be able to monitor what's happening with customer credit limits. Like the customer status tracking report, the Credit Control Report is in plain language.



    Legal Escalation Report

    This report highlights all of the invoices on the Invoice Status Tracking Report that have been escalated to your legal team as well as what steps are being taken and info from the Account Managers. The little gavel icon means legal.


    Team Activity Report

    This report allows you to manage your internal team and monitor their productivity.