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Explore how to setup Peakflo

Watch the below videos to kickstart your accounts receivable journey in 5 simple steps to get paid faster and increase your net margin by up to 2%.

Step 1: Import data and start invoicing

Connect your accounting software or manually upload your customer data into Peakflo to begin your collection automation and invoicing journey.


Step 2: Invite team members

Invite your team members to Peakflo and start collaborating on high-value tasks and increase productivity by over 50%.


Step 3: Create and setup workflows

Workflows help streamline your entire accounts receivable process. With workflows, you can

  1. Eliminate mundane tasks
  2. Trigger personalized, multi-channel reminders to your customers using an escalation matrix
  3. Keep all your stakeholders aligned


Step 4:Enable Payments

To collect invoice payments through Peakflo, click 'Enable Payments' and schedule a meeting. Our team will assist in completing this step.

Enable Payments 

Step 5: View Reports

Access various reports with detailed financial metrics to stay up to date on your accounts receivable process, effectively track and collect your outstanding receivables.


Step 6: Create Task

Lastly, set up tasks to keep track of customer promises to pay or simply to internally define the next steps to be taken for each of your customers.